Prayer for Your Home | House Blessing & Cleansing

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hey everyone caroline roberts here and

welcome back to my youtube channel in

today's video i'm going to be sharing a

prayer for your home so if you're

interested in watching more than

definitely stay tuned


so I'm doing this video because my

husband and I recently moved in February

and one thing that I do every time that

we moved to a new place is that I make

sure to pray over my home and to bless

my home now this is a very important

habit to do because you don't know who

was living in your house before you got

there you don't know what they did you

don't know what type of things took

place in that home so you want to make

sure that you bless your home and you

dedicate it to God and you make it a

space where his spirit can dwell that is

why I am making this video to really

encourage you to pray over your home

even if you didn't recently move to your

home it's still a good idea to say a

prayer over your home and if you don't

know where to start if you're not sure

how to pray I want to lead you in a

prayer over your home today so all you

have to do is repeat after me

father God we come to you thanking you

for this day for all that you are and

for all that you do

Lord we dedicate our home to you

you are our shelter

we shall not want

you are our rock and steady foundation

all that we have belongs to you Lord all

we possess is yours

I declare as for me and my house we will

serve the Lord


Lord bless this home let this be a place

where your spirit can dwell the gates of

Hell shall not prevail we have it every

demon and cancel every spell you have

given us the keys to the kingdom of

heaven you have given us the keys to

this home you have granted us access to

your throne

we are not alone send your angels to

keep watch over each and every one let

your kingdom come every battle we will

overcome grant us your peace grant us

your blessings we yield this home to

your anointing we plead the blood of

Jesus from the rooftop to the ground we

declare your hedge of protection is all

around may this be a house of worship

use this home for your purpose help me

to be a blessing with what you have

blessed me Lord you be the land Lord of

this dwelling in Jesus name Amen I am

standing in agreement with all of you

guys that your home is a home that shall

serve the Lord and I'm super excited

today because I want to share with you

guys another tip on when you are

blessing your home one of the things

that I love to do in my home after I've

blessed it after I've prayed over it is

to anoint my home and I actually created

a anointing oil and literally all I do

is use this oil to anoint my home if you

don't know what I'm talking about or how

to anoint your home I do have a video on

how to anoint your home so definitely

check that out and these oils if you are

interested in getting one for yourself

they are available on my website I pray

over these oils I bless these oils and I

send them out personally with a personal

letter from me so you can get one of

these oils through my website at

Carolina Roberts comm and I'll also put

the link in the description box but I

hope that you found this video helpful

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so much and I'll see you in my next

YouTube video until next time bye