How to Bless and Anoint Your Sacred Items | Spiritual Practices | Goddess Ritual

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hello everyone welcome back to goddess

in the making in this video I share with

you my process for clearing blessing and

anointing my sacred items so I recently

took a trip to safety Harbor Florida and

if you follow me on instagram you seen

all the pictures and videos while there

I purchased this gorgeous amethyst

necklace and I loved it so much I wanted

to make it one of my sacred items for me

sacred items are like your spiritual

companions they hold special qualities

that allow you to tap into deeper

aspects of yourself

the first thing I do when I get a sacred

item is to clear it of any energies that

it's picked up along its life so here

I'm placing it on a silly night stone

which is a stone that has clearing

properties and I let it sit there for

about a day and then I sage the item as

well which is another way to cleanse and

clear not just sacred items but your

home your sacred space sage taps into

ancient wisdom and it's used very

commonly in the spiritual practice and

the other thing that I do is charge it

so since this is an amethyst stone which

is a moon stone I'll charge it under the

moonlight which I did on the October's

hunters full moon then I welcome it to

my altar by surrounding it with my other

sacred items those that I've already

connected to and I've used in the past

and this really allows it to absorb

their energies and be charged even more

it's all about preparing it to connect

to me and my energy next I pray over the

item calling on God goddess and source

energy to bless it completely and purify

it it's a different prayer every time

it's just very intuitive for me so when

you pray over your item just speak from

your heart and follow whatever your

intuition is leading you to pray for

my final step is to anoint the item with

my goddess blessing oil which is a

custom blend that's already been charged

and blessed so I take a little bit of

that and I spread it all over the item

to fully cover it

and then I pray over it again and this

time I'm a little bit more specific with

my prayer I'm asking that when I wear

this item it allowed me to tap into my

goddess essence my Higher Self and my

intuition which are all things at the

end that this stone can help you do and

then finally I let it sit on my altar

for another couple of days allowing it

to absorb the energy of my other sacred

items and once that's done I actually

wear it and I pay attention to how I

feel when I wear it I pay attention to

whether or not I'm really tapping into

my god itself whether my intuition is

heightened and I connect to it more and

more so I hope this video was helpful to

you feel free to modify the process to

fit whatever items that your anointing

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awakening the goddess within to honor

the divine