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hi my love's welcome back to my channel

I'm Jess from Behati life thank you so

much for tuning in today we are talking

about smudging what is it and why you

would want to use it and how to smudge

your space this question was actually

submitted in one of my YouTube comments

from one of my followers on Instagram

and on the YouTube channel I don't

remember your name right now but I will

link you and give you the shout out down

below thank you so much for submitting

your question it's questions like you

like these that help me to be able to

better serve you guys to know what

questions you have because I wouldn't

even think to talk about smudging on

here because I thought it was something

that you know a lot of people knew but

now that I'm thinking about it there's

so many different ways to smudge and to

smudge your space and people probably

have a lot of questions even if you are

an advanced spiritual practitioner so

what is smudging smudging is using a

ingredient or an item or a substance in

order to energetically hit the reset

button of your space so it cleanses the

space and purifies it of any type of

negative energy or old vibrations and

sometimes it's not even negative energy

but sometimes you just need to cleanse

your space completely this is perfect

for you guys if you have a meditation

room or if you're a tarot reader or a

healer or an energy worker of some sort

you nine times out of ten you're really

going to want to smudge and to cleanse

your space because those people and all

things come with energy and over time

that energy can kind of build up within

a space and it starts to feel congested

or god forbid you're working with

someone who has you know negative vibes

cannot can't connect it to them so let's

say someone's going through a breakup

and you're doing a tarot reading for

them and they're just so heartbroken

they're so emotional and when they're

when you're working with them they're

emotionally releasing will that energy

within that space and they're not doing

anything wrong they don't have bad

intention and in fact you invited them

into your space in order to work with

them and to pull some cards but that

energy kind of leaves a lingering

vibration and it can it can have an

effect on you and you can feel it even

though you're not intentionally trying

to absorb that energy especially if

you're an empath or a sensitive or an

energy worker and in general it just

kind of sticks with us so what you want

to do is you want to take an item

whether it be sage or Palo Santo and

burn it in order to cleanse a space

maybe and like I'll describe in the in

the future of this video like you know

moving forward in this video that it

doesn't always have to be something that

you have to burn that creates a smoke

there's other alternatives which we can

talk about another example of why you

would want to use smudging is let's say

you are visited by spirits or let's say

someone passes on in your space or let's

say you're moving into a new home

environment or you have a new office

setting or whatever the case may be you

really want to take some time out to

smudge the space in order to cleanse it

and to refresh in that space with your

own personal intention with your own

personal vibration in your energy so

you're not having this lingering

presence of the people or the things

that were there before you another great

idea for smudging another great way of

our time to smudge is you know the

beginning and end of a new year so or

the old year so it right now as I'm

filming this is like December 18th or

December 17th I can't remember but it's

we're finalizing the the energy of the

year of 2017 as you move on to 2018 so

you better believe as I'm moving into

this new year I'm going to smudge and

cleanse my space my workspace my

apartment my kitchen my boyfriend's

apartment my family's apartment I'm

gonna smudge all those spaces because we

are releasing the old and making way for

them for the new so all that being said

what is smudging and what are some tools

that you can use in order to sits smudge

your space and maybe some alternatives

if you can't work with a smoke and I'll

tell you my favorites so the most

obvious and the most widely used is sage

now this is my personal sage bundle that

how you use obviously because it is

completely charcoal over and you know

I've used it so many times

relatively small I normally have thicker

ones within my shop that are available

for my clients and also for myself to

use I just you know take them from the

stock and burn them for myself in the

event that I use it but this one I've

had for a good amount of time you can

you know light the tip of it it you know

goes on fire you wait for the smoke to

catch let's see if I have a lighter

around here so I could show you guys but

you wait for this the stage to catch

fire at the very tip and it will burn

you want to wait until there's a thick

white smoke that's coming from it when

you have that thick white smoke you blow

it out and you use that smoke in order

to cleanse and sage the space and smudge

the space smudging it within with sage

particularly sage is so powerful if you

smell it I mean it's eat you it has a

smell and an energy to it that is you

know you just can't mistake it you know

that it's sage when it's burning it's so

thick it's so strong and it's awesome

for that because it completely removes

any energy within a space positive and

negative and that's a good thing and a

bad thing because sometimes you don't

want to remove positive energy sometimes

you just want to you know remove the

negative stuff and just recharge it hit

the reset button

um the other thing about sage is that

like I said before at the scent of it

and the smell of it well this the scent

and the thickness of it is something

that is unmistakable so this could be

really difficult let's say for my

closeted witches or people who live in

environments where they can't you know

have smoke in in their room or within an

apartment space or they want to keep it

a secret now you're not doing anything

wrong but some people really do stay

within the closet where they're just

like I don't want people to know that

I'm saging my my room because it you

know provokes questions that people are

asking me about it or people get weird

about it

or no the case may be so this would not

be what you want if you're trying to

hide the fact that you're smudging

within your within your space simply

because the smoke scent that is

left after you burn it kind of lingers

for a while so this would not be a good

alternative again if you are trying to

keep a secret or trying to keep it on

the DL not letting people know that you

are smudging as often as you are or that

you even smudge at all because maybe it

makes people uncomfortable

so um an example of that is I had a

friend who was living with their partner

and their partner um they were going

through some difficult times and after a

fight he would want to go through and

smudge and sage the space and cleanse a

space now he felt that energetically it

was going to help to move them through

these fights that they were having this

complicate this opposition this

difficult time that they were going

through their relationship so after he

got in a fight with his partner he would

want to smudge and and energetically

cleanse the space but he didn't want his

partner to know this because he's like

you know his partner's like like why

like why like why are you doing this um

so I recommended something else and I

will recommend that later and talk about

that but so it for example like I'm

saying all this to say that you don't um

you know there's just like stigma

sometimes with like okay well why are

you hiding the smudge or why are you

smudging and for some people it's just a

sacred thing like smudging in general -

is a sacred exercise and the sacred

activity so it's not something that you

really want to broadcast all the time so

if that truly is the case and you don't

want to UM broadcast the fact that

you're smudging then using a sage bundle

like this is not going to be the one for

you because this will leave a

fingerprint it will leave a mark in the

scent but in the sense that someone a

day or two later can walk into your

apartment or your space and be like

what's that smell why does it smell like

that you smoking weed in here what's

going on so this will leave a lasting

impression but it's very powerful for

completely cleansing a space let's say

you want to quit cleanse yourself there

are many times growing up where I would

go to drum circles with my mom full moon

circles and we would be out there just

on at the full moon just dancing on the


almost like you know it's in Florida and

whatnot so we weren't wearing which

clothes is a huge fire many people are

gathered around totally different types

of people all you know in this one space

there would be spirits there would be

different energies and we would just

work with all of it and then when we

would leave of course my mom would like

a smudge stick a sage bundle and smudge

our energy starting from the very bottom

from our feet but you know around our

legs between our legs up around our body

just up over our head and just

completely you know smudge and cleanse

our space before we got into the car

because she did not want us to bring any

type of energies from that full moon

circle into the car and into our home

environment now that's not to say again

that anybody that was there had negative

vibrations or anything like that but

it's just a preventative measure that

you'd really don't know the type of

energy that people are working with

let's say someone is sick and let's say

you had the flu or let's say a virus

goes sweeping through your your home

environment and your kids are sick your

husband's sick you're sick

using a smudge bundle at the very end it

doesn't work to remove bacteria it works

to remove energy so again that's a great

tool for this now you're you're saying

you're probably thinking like Jess if

you're talking about you know this

removes all energy I don't want to

remove all energy I just want to remove

negative energy I just want to remove

bad vibes

then Palo Santo sticks are amazing for

you this is what Palo Santo stick looks

like this is freaking smells so good

it's one of my favorite things to burn

all the time I burn this more than I

earn the sage I feel like I burn sage

when I am having like a super strong

emotional release during my meditation

practice I will burn the sage and I will

you know swirl it around me during that

time because so much has been purged so

that's when I use this sage to

completely release simply because the

emotion was so strong Palo Santo is

something that I like to use for like

lightly after every single reading that

I do a burn the Palo Santo and I'll

cleanse my deck with my tarot deck with

the smoke of the Palo Santo stick I'll

cleanse my space I'll cleanse my

apartment I'll cleanse me I'll cleanse

wherever it is that I'm doing

my reading that's because Palo Santo is

amazing at purifying and cleansing a

space and smudging a space but it

doesn't have that thickness it doesn't

have that ability to completely wipe out

all vibes it's only wiping out and

resetting kind of like negative vibes

and lifting the mood and shifting the

energy of the room or the person or the

tarot cards a trivet case maybe Palo

Santo is not for incredible emotional

release because it's not going to work

strong like that that's not to say that

this wood isn't highly spiritual it is

but if you are going through a lot of

emotional cleansing sage is your best

friend with that Palo Santo is for your

everyday feelings and emotions that

aren't too heavy and aren't too intense

if you do have a feeling where and I've

done this for myself to where it's like

okay I've had this emotional emotionally

intense release or I'm working with a

client who just completely emotionally

vomits and emotionally explodes and it's

just so much they've been building up

for years for years for years and I work

with them one on one on the reading they

have a breakthrough and it's just the

energy of it is just in my room it's in

my space I will sage first in order to

remove it and then Palo Santo second in

order to get that really good sweetness

vibes back into my energy space Sage has

this natural tendency to kind of leave

this like barren empty void afterwards

which is what it's there for is to

completely remove so Palo Santo is I

will follow up with Palo Santo with a

blessing with a mantra with an intent

that I say for the room in order to

reset the energy and get it back to this

like my normal my normal good vibes my

normal positive you know space and the

way that I like it to feel like my space

if you ever walk into it my apothecary

my reading space the best thing that I

can use to describe it is it just feels

like rose quartz vibes like just really

sweet very nurturing very loving

very pink the space itself is green but

the energy is very pink it's like pink

aura around it and Palo Santo brings

that sweetness to it that I just love to

have in my space it's the reset button

and just gets me right back to square

one the other way to stage or to smudge

your space is by using sweet crossbreeds

I don't have those on me right now but I

will in the future have them available

in my shop just like I have the Palo

Santo bundles and the sage bundles in my

shop but sweet cross is so amazing it's

literally like a it looks like regular

grass long grass that's braided and um

and you burn it and it has this really

sweet um

cupcake it smells like a cupcake it

smells like you're burning a cupcake or

you're cooking a cupcake or cake in your

in your space and basically sweet grass

works very similar in alignment with how

Palo Santo works so you can use those

interchangeably sweet grass is another

thing that's highly spiritual sometimes

it's hard to get ahold of Palo Santo is

one of those things that's currently

trending and sage is currently trending

so they're easier to find over sweet

grass but you can use them

interchangeably for the same reason and

for the same purpose so let's say you're

tired of Palo Santo let's say you don't

like the smell of Palo Santo then you

can switch it out for sweet grass and

get the same benefit also sweet grass

has this natural tendency to attract

these sweet vibes in your life this good

energy afterwards just like Palo Santo

does but I feel sweet grass is in a more

ability to attract to work as a positive

magnet of attraction within your space

and within your own personal life so

let's talk about alternatives let's say

you can't use sage or let's say you hate

the smell of sage let's say you've

overdone the smell of sage let's say you

can't have smoke within your space but

let's say you rent out your apartment or

and you have smokes really sensitive

smoke alarms let's say you have a

roommate who's just like not into

hearing about you saging let's say you

want to keep it a secret

I recommend getting sage essential oil

make sure it's pure organic the best

sage essential oil that you can find

because there are so many duplicates out

there that our fragrances and just

shitty I'm not gonna lie to you but yeah

so get some really pure sage essential

oil some orange blossom water or some

rose water or distilled water it's up to

you I personally love orange blossom

water that's why I use my own personal

sage sprays a cleansing spray that I use

within my shop I also have a Palo Santo

spray that's available within my shop

but basically what you do is you take 90

percent of it should be orange blossom

or distilled water and a few drops of

the sage essential oil I personally like

a stronger sage blend and I love a

stronger Palo Santo energy spray I like

them to be strongly scented so you can

put that in a spray bottle similar to

what I have here this like blue bottle

the reason why I choose the blue bottle

to put this as in is because you're just

I it's something that I find that I

would be traveling with let's say I'm on

the airport and I keep it in like a two

ounce bottle I just cleanse and sage and

spray myself and my environment see it

smells good and I just it works to help

to reset it's not as obvious it's not

obnoxious but it helps just the same as

far as cleansing the space and you can

travel with it the bottle is blue in

order to protect the essential oils on

the inside because you're traveling with

it so it tends to you know be more

exposed to light you guys already know

that the majority of my bottles

currently are in clear bottles simply

because even though there's essential

oils and oils on the inside I think it's

beautiful to be able to see it this is

the Gemini full moon oil that or new

moon oil that actually dealt with a full

moon oil that's going out to everyone

hairs one of the breathe oils sorry you

guys I'm working out orders and I just

stopped to film this video because I got

the question um so I just think that

it's really pretty to see them and you

you want to see the magic within the

bottle so these and most lunar intention

oils are bottles like this that I'm

creating like the love spell bottle

you're not travelling with them if you

are you know just put them in a sleeve

like a velvet sleeve or something like

that in order to protect the bottle um

but for these type of you know energy

sprays you're traveling with them and

you know they're more apt to be exposed

to the elements so I put them in a

darker bottle to protect them but either

way you can make your own sage blends um

and just sprint spritz the area all

corners of your room your you know

corners of you set the intention that

you're releasing set the intention that

instated clearly stated you know I

release anything that is no longer here

for my highest and greatest good I am

removing any type of negative energies

I'm cleansing the space but with love

and light I'm replacing it with loving

energy and blessings for everyone that

come in you know in contact with me um

for my highest and greatest good

whatever it is that you want to say

whatever blessing that it is that you

want to say I always follow from the

heart there isn't one mantra that I

repeat over and over I just say a prayer

from the heart whatever my intention is

for that moment um and you know spritz

myself spritz my environment spritz

around my pets around the people that I

love whatever before you get on an

airplane the person that you're sitting

next to I'm scanning don't do that

you'll probably get arrested but yeah

basically you can use that mist in order

to cleanse your space and it settles I

mean you must smell it for an hour two


I just smells really good when another

person comes in so they're like did you

clean it smells really good in here so

it's just using that type of energy

spray these type of bottles of like

cleansing room sprays are available

within my shop

the sage spray will be available in 2018

the Palo Santo mist cleansing spray is

currently in my shop now I sell out of

those really fast so if you're

interested in them make sure you pick

them up

I personally again I use orange blossom

water but you can use distilled water if

you choose it's up to you alright so

that's pretty much it if you have any

other questions about smudging please

leave them down in the comments below

if you have any other questions about

anything else please send me an email or

leave them down in the comments below or

comment on

when my posts on Instagram and I will do

my best to answer everyone's questions I

love you and we'll talk soon