How to use Sage to Purify your home (smudging)

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peace and blessings everybody welcome to

my first video I'm super excited today I

want to give you a short tutorial on how

to use sage to purify your home sage and

some of you are familiar with in some of

you are it is a plant that's native to

North America and it's been used by

indigenous peoples for a very long time

to purify themselves spiritually

mentally emotionally and also physically

to purify themselves their bodies and

also their spaces traditionally used in

sweat lodges it is a very very very

powerful purification tool so so you

don't get confused there are a couple

different varieties of sage one is the

sage it's commonly used for cooking and

also for medicinal teas that is salvia

officinalis that's not the one that

we're going to use for purification then

there's another one called salvia

divinorum and that is commonly known as

divining sage which is used in

ritualistic ceremonies it is a

hallucinogen so it provides a gateway

into the spirit world and then there's

the white sage and that's the one that

we're going to use today the white sage

is also known as a salvia iana and

that's the one you want to look for if

you're gonna look if you're looking for

some sage to burn however I have heard

through the grapevine that all of them

are fine burning sage also known as

smudging has become quite popular and so

you can find the sage bundles pretty

easily in health food stores

I found marcin bundle of sage and I'll

be running today at Whole Foods so

before we get started I want to just

make a little checklist of some things

that you'll need first of course you'll

need a lighter or a match and you'll

also need a heatproof bowl and of course

your sage bundle gather all of these


and before you get started I'm gonna

suggest one more thing which is to crack

a few choice windows in the in your

house just to allow for the negative

energy to move out and the positive

image from nature to come in and replace

that during your serum I use an abalone

shell as my heat proof Bowl you can find

these in health food stores and online

as well basically what I'm gonna do is

open up at the stage about earlier and

you just want to write it like this

I didn't burn for just a moment didn't

like the flame go out and now you've got

a net flow of smoke okay and then as I

smoke starts building up I like to

purify myself first so I take the sage

bundle and I gently move it around my

body over my head all the way around and

visualize any negative energy that's

accumulated on my body moving out and

being replaced by positive energy you

may want to say a prayer as you're

working something to the effect of

please remove all negative energies and

I ask that only those things that are

positive and in my highest good those

energies be allowed to remain or be

carried in my in my energy aura my

spirit field how whatever you'd like to

say whatever feels great whatever feels

good to you that's what you want to use

whatever makes you feel powerful I'm

it's just that and so you move all the

way around your body and then that do

you feel like you've fully washed your

body with the sage Smoke I like to close

my eyes and take a few deep breaths and

just kind of go into that space of

feeling cleansed and and renewed and

then when you're ready then you can take

that say H smoke and continue all around

the house what you want to do is you

want to use your hand I like to use a

feather and move this the smoke through

your house from the ceilings to the

floor the floor to the ceiling and just

allow it to wash over your entire home I

like to start at the front door work my

way all the way through the house and

then get back to the front door and I

open the door and clear that last little

bit some people like to say prayers as

they're working can say the same kind of

prayer that you said for your body for

purifying and allowing

negative energies to leave and those

positive images to come in or you can't

end or you can you symbol some people

like to do the sign of the Cross some

people like to draw a pentagram in the

air maybe you're a Reiki Master you

practice Reiki and you want to use Reiki

symbols all of those things are great

you want to use what your ecology is and

what feels most powerful to you so you

work your way all around the house being

sure that you really concentrate on

those areas that don't commonly get a

lot of sunlight places where it's dark

places that these are the kind of places

where negative energy accumulates and

they really need a good cleansing some

people will do closets also closets

underneath the bed it's really up to you

how thorough you want to be whatever

feels right to you and then once you're

finished you can blot out the sage

that's what I normally do some people

will use a little bit of water to stop

the smoke come flowing and if you don't

mind the smoke you can also just allow

to burn out and it won't burn for very

long maybe 5-10 minutes max and that

just kind of let's it can the process

continue I think that even though it's a

very very simple ceremony you can do it

in probably five minutes it's so

powerful it's so powerful this it goes a

long way to raising your mood and in

clearing out any negative energy in your

space a really good time to use the

ceremony is after you've had an argument

or some type of negative event in the

house also maybe you've had an

unexpected guest maybe you've had

service bin or repair people coming into

your home and you want to clear all that

energy perfect perfect times to use

ceremony so if this is your first time

smudging smudge away congratulations for

trying something new and awakening that

little sage inside of you that knows

exactly what to do peace and blessings

and namaste to you