Easy Jewelry Protection Spell | Practical Magick

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hey this is dragon feather and I'm here

to do a video on how to cast a simple

protection spell on any type of jewelry

um any type of um crystal kind of thing

or amulet whatever it's dedicated mostly

towards jewelry though I mean the

bracelet that I'm going to be using as

my tiger's eye bracelet um I got this

one I went to Hawaii

which was about a year ago or more than

a little more than a year ago and um I

got it just from someone who had a local

shop and she hand makes these so because

it was handmade um I thought it was a

little more special because somebody

actually um took their time and put

their effort and their energy into

making this and so that was really cool

to me so it's like has this really cool

cross stitch back and it has the tiger's

eye beads on it with these two things to

attach to this to attach to your wrist

um but my wrist unfortunately are a

little too small for this um so it slips

off so I use it as an anklet um and my

foot is you know I'm not going to like

show you how flexible I am because we

don't need to see that um but yes I'm

going to put it on as anklet for

particular um like when I wear certain

skirts or whatever just because I can't

really wear anklets with my pants so

there we go

so the first thing that you're going to

want to do is you're going to want to

let it sit out and moon' my overnight i

suggest let it sit out the night before

full moon and cast the spell during full

moon um that would be the perfect

situation but if not let it sit out and

whatever moon it is um accept it accept

a dark moon when there's actually no

moon in this guy um so make sure there

is some moonlight coming out and sit it

outside in a window seal um or actually

outside or somewhere that moonlight will

reach it um and let it cleanse overnight

and then the next night what you're

going to do is you're going to take um

your bracelet and this you guys is just

with the bracelet I'm not having you

guys use anything else um you don't need

any other

items besides your bracelet and your

hands and your intentions and so anyone

can do this

um and what you're going to do is you're

going to hold the bracelet in your hand

if it can open up that would be awesome

but if not then just hold it in your

hand like this and I want you to hold it

and focus on something that focus on

something or things that remind you of

protection so something that reminds me

of protection is my spirit animal and

Dragons and excuse me and I go through

this a lot on how these things remind me

of protection um dragons are very scary

very fierce and are usually always

guarding something in the movies and

such and killer whales are just the most

phenomenal hunter and an apex predator

in the ocean so they are very very

strong as well and intelligent too

they have a part of the brain that we

don't have for those of you guys who do

not know they have bigger emotional

parts of their brains than we do so back

for the day um so yes you're going to

sit with your bracelet um you can light

a few candles you can do this um

anywhere really you can do this outside

in the actual moonlight you can do it at

your altar you can do it on wherever but

you're just going to sit there and hold

it and you're going to envision these

things and you're going to infuse it

with the energies of those particular

things now say like dragon you're going

to infuse it maybe with the energy of

fire um and you can maybe even hold it

over a candle if you want you don't have

to um like I said this is not a video

that you require anything else but you

envision it being maybe maybe the dragon

is blowing its fire on it or something

and it protecting it or whatever even if

that sounds cheesy it works or maybe you

can imagine steel being wrapped around

it of steel symbolizes protection for

you like steel bars or something like

that and just envision that and sit

there for a good 15 minutes just um

putting all these things that remind you

of protection into it and protection

into it and just safety and whatever on

into it and imagine different scenarios

that you might have been in um or are

afraid of and imagine you coming out

safely from these certain

and put those intentions in those

visualizations into the bracelet and

when you are done say this will protect

me so mote it be

you can also say this bracelet this

whatever will protect me so mote it be

and that's really all there is to it

it's very simple on its beginning level

magic um the only thing that you'll

really need to work on is visualization

and it might take longer if you are not

too good with that but that's okay um

doesn't matter it'll still work at the

end and that's pretty much all I think I

have to say on this you guys have any

questions about tweaking the spell or

changing it up a bit um or questions on

how to particularly do something what

phase of the Moon or whatever I'm

leaving below them let me know and we'll

definitely help you guys out um but

until next time blessed be and bye