Bless Your Beads | How To Make Lucky Charms | Sage and Charge Crystals and Stones

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thank you the guys like yes you know

this only great fortune from the


straight from my bathroom I know it's

not best YouTube practices to film in

the bathroom but right now this is the

most private place in my home but

they're basically really quick video

that I want to share about basically how

to turn your new amulet or whatever kind

of jewelry or sacred thing which you

just found or purchase and kind of turn

it into a lucky charm okay

this particular street vendor I was a

husband right at Manhattan jewelry yeah


okay so so basically I wanted to share

how to make the leather charm so I

purchased some a couple of pieces from a

street vendor yesterday and you know he

was definitely like on the conscious man

spiritual height and which I'm always

digging and you know the pieces I got a

really nice yeah he actually made me pay

for this one okay I picked this one out

this wasn't even on display he kind of

like had it in the back like I'm some

special stuff but I seen it I was like

oh I like those colors like no luck so

he gave me this for only 15 bucks of

Haven he gave me actually have another

set of these feeds but he gave me this

for Malcolm okay firstborn son and

then I got this one for my husband and

so these are just like some super nice

piece of metal and it's picking it up

okay so these are like going to be our

new special charms and okay so let's

just it's gonna be basically my new

special charm and I wanted to show you

don't just take you know yes this is

very nice the guys like yes you know

this completely great fortune and you

kind of have to like clear it right and

make it your own since you got to charge

it okay finally getting to employ so the

way you charge your jewelry is if you

need to get you some sage okay I get

this from the crystal shop it is like

for clearing so I'm going I can clear

mind so that I can charge it right so I

have this candle here you don't have how

you could handle it the more like

intention that you put into what you're

doing the more that it you know is more

real and becomes more like


you know it's really all about your

attention so what I'm going to do is I'm

going to clear it we can do them all



and you just take your burning sage and

you just it's so powerful you guys see

really does change and especially with

these crystals like I wish that I had I

wish I had all the knowledge to share

about like with all this ringing Eames

but you know it really just all comes

from the heart so for me like I'm

clearing this for myself my husband and

my son okay I need to do my garnish area

she got some and now we can charge it so

the next step after clearing you know

and there's really there's no set amount

of time you have to burn it for it's

really all about what feels good for you

you know and you don't always have to do

at the same time I mean rituals are

great you know that conscious of more

power you know circles that really it's

something to consider but you know put

your intention and everything you're

doing that's all I take so now we go set

these down with I have decided that I

want my charm to be an amulet that gives

me a creative flow okay because there's

nothing worse than feeling creatively


I mean sometimes it can feel like

anxiety sometimes I swear to you but I

have to get some work done like I'll

just flick I'm sleepy and let go to

sleep like who goes to sleep other

drinks okay I can't have that so I want

this charm to bring me this isn't my

prosperity charm okay

it's not just about my creative flow but

also the determination to to like

complete the task because I'm a great


okay and I have lots of ideas you know

but you know what they say about ideas

there's lots of great ideas who's gonna

actually follow through on victory and

so this is gonna be my prosperity charm

because I'm not just going to be

creating and dream big dreams I mean I'm

gonna do big things and so I think it's

perfectly suited here was the I I'm

trying to work my creative pan out in my


hi I'm trying to really get some can i

formation cracking off because i want

what i see to become what i have and and

do so yes this is so for me and so the

way that you charge your ambulance okay

as you basically just you put it on and

you basically say a little prayer

you know and however which way it means

to you know special words just your own

little prayer so basically i'm asking

that this charm allowed me to dream

dreams and glue big things so that is

going to be my saying ready to open this

is we're dreaming dreams


so I just encourage everybody to start

doing magic okay

these magic possibility it who meet you

everything so it's not copy because they

go on forever and ever I just want to

share it that you can create your own

magic you can make your

you try and do that