Dexter Manual Bleed HD

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this video demonstrates how to bleed the

brake line on a tandem axle trailer

which is equipped with ufp hydraulic

disc brakes on one axle the following

tools and supplies will be needed brake

fluid is hazardous and corrosive use

caution when handling brake fluid before

bleeding the trailers brake system do

the following first make sure the

actuator is positioned lower than the

disc brake callipers it is much easier

to push air up than to force air down

next check the brake calipers to make

sure the bleeder valves are located on

the top side of the caliper finally make

sure the hydraulic fittings are secure

remove the master cylinder reservoir

plug and fill the reservoir with either

DL t3 or dot4 Automotive brake fluid let

the fluid stand in the reservoir until

all air bubbles are gone before bleeding