BCF How to's - Dispatching & Bleeding Fish

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there you go go out semi it's gear now

today I'm gonna show you how to properly

dispatch and lead a fish yeah bit of

viewer discretion advised here there

will be a bit of blood but this is the

correct way to do it to make sure you

get some crime eating fish so we're

gonna lovely snapper he's volunteered to

be the candidate and this is how you do

it so it's using what's called the e

kijima method you want to find his brain


his brain is alkaline is all you're fine

there's a bit of soft soft bitter mate

there get your knife be careful with

your fingers and put it in like so until

he kicks like that when he does that

little shake

that means you've hit his brain and he's

now brain dead so he's not gonna feel

any pain he's no longer suffering now