How To Bleed New Sram MTB Brakes | Bleeding Edge Technology

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(metallic clattering)

- Now, bleeding your brakes is something

that all mountain bikers will have

to tackle from time to time,

and in this particular video,

we're going to look at bleeding SRAM brakes,

and in particular,

the latest ones using the bleeding edge port.

Now, the bleeding edge port was a new creation from SRAM

that makes bleeding a bit easier and a lot less messy.

Now, if you're unsure if your brakes have this new port,

or it's the older system,

if you look onscreen now,

the one on the left is the older system,

and on the right is the newer system

with the bleeding edge port.

Now, this new system can be found

on brakes manufactured from 2015 onward,

but it's not on every single model.

So for this particular job,