SRAM MTB: Bleeding Edge Brake Bleed

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this video will guide you through the

bleed process force ram MTB hydraulic

disc brakes with bleeding edge

technology see the video description

below for a list of tools and supplies

you will need and visit SRAM com forward

slash service for more information

remove the wheel from the bicycle

according to the wheel manufacturer's

instructions do not allow fluid to come

into contact with brake pads or rotors

contaminated brake pads or rotors can

diminish brake performance remove the e

clip then use a 2.5 millimeter hex

wrench to remove the pad retainer bolt

take out the brake pads insert the bleed

block into the caliper to press the

Pistons fully into the bores reinstall

the pad retainer bolt

to prepare the syringes first thread the

lever bleed clamp assembly and the