How To: Bleed Clutch System

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all right so one fluid that gets really

neglected on these cars is the fluid for

the clutch master cylinder clutch master

cylinder is right here it takes the same

brake fluid as the brake master cylinder

so yeah this guy needs regular service

to these this fluid gets dark really

fast and the danger of the deterioration

of that fluid quality is that you don't

get complete and consistent clutch

disengagement which is hard on

everything the heart on the in imagine

if the clutch isn't completely

disengaging it's tough when you shift

it's tough on the clutch itself touch

tough on the rest of the drivetrain so

commonly commonly neglected but this is

a really important fluid so we're gonna

teach you how to bleed and flush this so

if we look on the bench right here it's

got this black float thing I'm not quite