How To Bleed Hydraulic Disc Brakes + Newbie Mistakes. Shimano Deore, SLX, XT, XTR.

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hi friends we are bleeding the brakes

these are the SL XM 7000 if your brake

lever feels loose or not very stiff that

means you need to bleed your brakes I'm

gonna show you which parts you need

definitely need there are some gloves

here inside this is like complete

bleeding kit you need the mineral oil

for Shimano this is the mineral oil you

need the oil funnel and the syringe and

there are some instructions that come

with most of the kids and those little

pipes this is the original bleach kit

from Shimano so mineral oil and I was

there the manual the oil funnel and also

the syringe with as you can see the pipe

the pipe the tube there and these these

little parts you would need if you

wanted to change the length of your

hoses now the positioning of the bike

just imagine what will be happening to