How To Harley Davidson Sportster, Bleeding Your Brakes

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good morning today we will be working on

a Sportster this is a 2005 excel 1200

what we will be doing is bleeding the

rear brakes and the front brakes put a

5/16 open end we're gonna crack the

bleeder and bleed these brakes I'm going

to show you a method where you pump the

pedal hold it down

crack the bleeder and then close it pump

the brake hold it down

crack the bleeder close it and your

brakes should be bled alright the first

thing I want to do is check the fluid

and see what fluid were using I got a

piece of cardboard I'm going to put that

on the ground here is our cap for our

rear brake this is the reservoir on it

will state what fluid

take it off you notice how fluid he's

right in the middle you see the line

here and there it's right in the middle