How to Bleed Air Out of Your Car's Cooling System - DIY Method

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hey how's it going do-it-yourselfers

today I'm going to show you how you can

bleed air from a car's cooling system

without using any special tools or even

a spill free funnel

but first let's cover some symptoms of

having air inside your cooling system

alright symptom number one you may be

experiencing at high temperatures or

overheating while you're driving your

car next up you may not be getting any

heat coming out of your air vents when

you operate your heater also another

short sign that you get air inside your

cooling system is that you can actually

hear the water gushing around inside

your dash when you're operating your

vehicle now your cooling system is

supposed to be a closed system in other

words air is not supposed to be able to

find this way in there now I mistake a