How to bleed Power Steering System the RIGHT WAY! Bleed Powersteering

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hey guys welcome back to urban mechanics

today we are going to show you how to

bleed the power steering pump on any

vehicle pretty much so if you've done

any repairs guys on the powder steering

if you install new power steering pump

or you replace the hose most likely you

gather in the system so in order to

bleed the powering steering right you

have to do it either otherwise you're

risking buying a new pump because the

old one might fail and what you need to

do you need to judge the car in the air

as you can see you need to have two jack

stands maybe just lie on the jack itself

and you need to have the phone tent and

the tires all the way in the air

also all you need to do after you done

the repair you need to get power

steering that is good for your vehicle

it needs to be pulled by your vehicle