Hydraulic Floor Jack Bleeding & Fill

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this Aveda by Richmond today we're

working on a hydraulic floor jack this

happens to be a Pittsburgh automotive

jack they're very common they're all

aluminum this particular one is a model

six 805 one and A six 805 three is the

same jack now when you first get your

Jack or even afterwards sometimes you

can build air in the system and it needs

to be bled so today we're going to check

that out and then bleed it just to make

sure we don't have any air in the jack

the first thing we need to do is rotate

the handle counterclockwise that will

open up the valve now on this particular

jack our fill screw is this one right

here we want to remove that

and the next thing we want to do is we

want to pump the handle just like that

and if there's any air that should bleed

it now on this one right here we're