Bleeding Your Furnace After Oil Fill Up (Ran Dry)

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hello YouTube curiosity seeker 4:01 here

and today I'm just gonna show you a nice

little simple video on how to prime your

furnace or bleed your furnace for us we

don't know too much fancy talk so it's

pretty simple the only reason why you

would really have to bleed your furnace

is if you ran out of oil and you filled

up your tank and your furnace isn't

turning on so what happened is air got

caught in between you filling up and

you're running out so bleeding is taking

the air out of your furnace so that way

fresh oil can come to the burner and

burn so what you're gonna want to do is

you're gonna want to give yourself a

nice little tray just as a book cleanup

purposes you don't want to spill oil all

over your basement floor you can also

want a cup of some sort to catch the oil

and to make it easy for you to pour the