How to replace a brake caliper and bleed the brakes afterwards

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a caliper there's the new one I'm gonna

replace the defective caliber should

slide out on the pins nice and easy like

this what happens is when these pins get

seized up when there's no grease left in

under the boots they'll stop in place so

that when you hit the brakes it may it

may contract partially but not then


remove the cap off of your brake master

cylinder reservoir which is in there on

this vehicle I have a container here to

catch the brake fluid I've already

loosened off the bolt for the brake flex

hose I have a tie wrap ready and the tie

wrap this hose aside here there we go

and you should wear gloves and now I'm

not following my own good example

because they don't have any on here but

move her back and forth a little bit

stubborn there we go you can see all the