How To Easily Bleed A Radiator

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Hi I'm Craig Phillips! Today I'm going to show you how to bleed your radiators.

The simple tools you are going to need is a radiator key,

you are goig to have to match this up with the little grommit end at the top of your radiator.

Of course you are going to need dust sheets on the bottom and a cloth.

Now some modern radiators don't actually need a radiator key to bleed them,

they just have a small slot in them so that you can use a flat head screw driver.

Now the reason you are going to need to bleed your radiators is when they are not performing well...

...when you have got your central heating turned right up to full blast but you are not feeling the benefit out of the radiators.

The simple test you need to do is feel them at the bottom

they are likely to be nice and hot around the pipe and where the water comes in... you move your hand further up it starts to get colder.

By the time you get to the top it is really cold.

The reason that is happening is because that hot water cannot get up because you have got air trapped in there,

that is what needs to be bled out.

So you get your key, start to turn it...

generally quite tight, get a cloth on there....

Thats it! [air starts hissing out of radiator]

About half a turn now, I can hear the air starting to come out of there.

As that air is hissing it's way out that hot water is starting to rise up here now.

I can feel the difference.

Sometimes this can take 20, 30 seconds, sometimes up to a minute.