How to Bleed Shimano Disc Brakes – Mountain Bike Maintenance

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There are some occasions where you're going to need to bleed your brakes.

Maybe you've changed the hose and shortened it, sometimes your brakes start

to feel spongy, or just a bit of annual maintenance.

So this is how to bleed a Shimano brake.

You will need brake fluid, mineral oil for Shimano brakes, other brands use DOT 4 or

5.1 oil. Make sure you get the right stuff, otherwise you're going to mess up

your seals. A Shimano bleeding kit, which is a funnel and a syringe,

a brake block, a 7mm spanner, some Allen keys, some brake-cleaning fluid or

similar solvent, and a rag.

First thing I'm going to do before I even start bleeding the brake is give the hose

a quick check-over, just visually check there's no holes in it or anything like

that that's going to let in any air into the system, and check the connectors at

the brake lever and down at the caliper are nice and tight. Adjust this brake

lever to about 45 degrees on the handlebars. Then I'm going to make sure

this free stroke is wound all the way in clockwise, which mine is,

because I like there to be minimal movement on the brake lever.

So now I'm going to remove the pads from the caliper. First thing you need to do is

remove that clip from the pin, put that somewhere safe. Then I'm going to need a

little flat-blade screwdriver, just to remove the pin that holds the pads into

the caliper. Once you've got that pin out, the pads should just come out of the top

of the caliper like that.