Mercury Tilt Trim Motor Repaired & System Bled - TT Works and Motor Runs - Part 3 of 3

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the previous episode of live the fish 64

was part two working on this mercury 35

horse you notice that I had the three

wire trim motor that had a problem and I

found out that it was the the brushes

that were sticking so I cleaned them all

up put the motor back together and you

can see here in the photo that this the

brushes were actually very stuck and

they were very dirty so I had to take

him out and clean each one and got him

working so once I assembled the motor

back together i reassemble it back into

the into the two-stroke and all the rest

is history

well stay tuned should be the other

direction down direction there he goes

let's try the other one one more time

now that works so that motors verified

okay I was able to get this put back

it's not bolted in yet but you have to