Andy's DIY: Mercruiser Alpha 1 Trim/Ram drain/replace and refill fluid

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I'm working with the 1981 Mercruiser set

up my I noticed my power trim tilt pump

I started I was a little bit of leaking

out of one of my Rams when the lines go

to my Rams and started noticing the

chocolate milk of a talked about so I

didn't see any videos out there on how

to actually drain the set up and flush

it all out and of course replaced that

line where I was getting the water

intrusion so I'm just gonna show you

real quick how you need to take this

pump apart and which pop I have so

here's my setup here this is a 70 series

pump I'll get you a serial number later

on the video here but basically to take

it out you got I'm sitting with the

motors I got my motor out so you'll have

to do this kind of leaning to one side

of the motor so I've got a little bit

better access to it but you got four