bleeding a power steering pump

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hi this is Anthony and I'm making a

video on bleeding your power-steering

pump I've looked around on YouTube but I

haven't seen any and any instructions on

it so I'm going to show everybody did a

little research will show everybody how

to do it doing it on my boat

I've had to undo the lines retighten so

there's a little bit of air in there and

what that means is that it's harder to

turn it makes a little bit of noise and

it's just not running like it should so

we got to bleed it out I'll show you how

to do that very simple process but

nobody ever shows anybody how to do


there's my power steering pump let's

take the cap off and it's got fluid

leave the cap off and get out of the

engine compartment area all the way to

the left lock position then all the way