How to bleed your Lt1 coolant system!

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what's going on guys merry Christmas to

you all well it's day after Christmas

but uh today you I'm doing today is I'm

gonna drain the rated and bleed my

coolant system the right way so if you

have a lt1 you can join me and pretty

much do everything I'm doing right now

which is fresh taking out the radiator

cap I don't think that's idle sensor I'm

sure on his leadership gonna grab a

screwdriver unscrew this for this whole

assembly out my screwdriver

so here's my screwdriver yeah then I'm


what is family out just got this mama -

shindig I can't wait don't get rid of it

just up the market going around

here see that bad boy right there

my map sensor don't work so you guys

worried about that it's nothing to be

worried about I can see now I need some