How To Flush & Reverse Bleed a KTM/Husqvarna Hydraulic Clutch

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hey this is Charles with Rocky Mountain

atv/mc today I'm going to show you how

to bleed the hydraulic clutch on your

KTM or husky dirt bike this clutch fluid

should be flushed out every year or any

time you're doing any maintenance to the

clutch system have it apart or if you

suspect any errors in there obviously

you're gonna want to bleed that out and

if you have any questions or need help

in diagnosing problems with your

hydraulic clutch we do have a video

specifically for that but this video

we're just focusing on bleeding and

flushing this hydraulic clutch so on

these it's pretty much the same process

or a similar process for most KTM and

Husky off-road models but there will be

a few differences and some of these are

actually going to use mineral oil other

ones are going to use brake fluid for