Diesel, bleeding fuel injector

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someday you may run you

engine out of fuel or you may find that

you end up with a plug fuel filter that

will run it out of fuel the bottom line

is you're going to need to bleed air

that may get into the system out of the

fuel system your diesel injection pump

is great at pumping fluids but not air

so we're going to show you how to bleed

the system on this Volvo engine and just

keep in mind that the procedures are

very similar on virtually any diesel

engine so we're going to begin bleeding

the system if you remember back going we

went through the fuel system we pointed

out a little primer pump on this

particular engine I'm going to begin by

priming and it's just to push in and out

on this many engines we'll have a lever

on the bottom of the lift pump what I'm

doing now is trying to force some fuel