Bubble Purge G2 SeaStar Hydraulic Steering Flush and Bleed

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hey there everybody stop it without

board specialty tools and today we're

gonna be going over how we can use the

bubble purge kit the tool you guys have

probably seen by now to do a couple of

different things that we haven't shown

in the past one thing we're going to be

doing is doing a system flush on the

steering cylinder here to just get old

fluid out so we can prep everything for

a new fluid going in and then we're

going to do we're going to do a we're

gonna fill the system and bleed it using


standard operating procedure so without

further ado let's get rolling we go much

further I just show you guys some of the

differences of our new kit this is the

second generation of bubble purge we

have out there this is the one we'll be

selling in the 2020 season and basically