How To Bleed Marine Hydraulic Steering EASILY.

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hey what's going on everybody in today's

episode I'm going to show you how to

bleed your marine hydraulic steering

system and twelve easy steps so stay

with me and let's get started these are

the supplies that we're going to need

absorption pads adjustable wrench

hydraulic steering fluid in this case

I'm using good ol automatic transmission

fluid which I've done for years I'm hand

cleaner 3/8 inch clear vinyl tubing or

half inch barbed tea for your 3/8 or 1/2

inch T your C star steering helm adapter

tubing a cutting tool

first step you'll need to do is take off

your help

simply just screw it off like this and

place it to the side

next you'll want to use your C star

tubing and thread it right into the helm

next you'll want to connect your C star