Maintenance Minutes | 7822DT Purging Air from the Hydraulic Pump

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I'm Roman burrows with Geo probe service

and the following video is to show you

how to purge the air from a hydraulic

pump during hydraulic service on your

Geo probe 17 to 22 DT it will complete

this procedure anytime you empty the

hydraulic reservoir for service

servicing the machine can introduce air

into the system and failure to purge

that air can cause the pump to cavitate

and damage the pump I have an example of

a pump that was ruined by cavitation you

can see that the Pistons are damaged it

only takes a few seconds to ruin a pump

like this anytime you empty the

hydraulic reservoir on your machine it's

always best to have the machine unfolded

with the hood up for safety

turn off the master disconnect switch at

the back of the machine and wear safety