QuickJack Hack to Bleed New Hydraulic Cylinders

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Welcome once again to Quick Tips.

I’m Max, I’m back, and I have a great tip for you this week.

Back when we did our very first video, which evolved into this Quick Tips series, we addressed

the most common mistake people make when installing QuickJack.

Everyday QuickJack portable car lift is improperly

Installed simply because the owner hasn't read the manual.

When first lifting, it's common for the frames to move unevenly.

That's simply the hydraulic fluid pressurizing

That’s the one.

The biggest part of stopping your frames from lifting unevenly is making sure the frames

are equally pressurized.

This means bleeding all the air out of them.

In our instruction manual, we provide one way to do this.

Simply use a hex key, sometimes called an Allen wrench, to let air out of the cylinder.

This works some of the time, but it might not be enough.

Just like with this bottle of water, if this cap is the cylinder valve, and the water inside

is hydraulic fluid, I can’t get all the air out because it’s blocked by fluid.

But, if I turn the bottle up, we see the air is free and can be easily released.

You can do this with QuickJack too.

All you need to do is lift the frame, so the valve faces up.

Be careful though.