How To Bleed A Hydraulic Clutch - Wrenchin' Up

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we're at the test labs that perfection

collection Charleston South Carolina

because you know sometimes when you're

doing a hydraulic clutch job on the

vehicles like Oh a Ford Ranger or a

Honda Civic it can be very difficult to

get the air out of the line sometimes so

we're going to take a look at how that

air gets into the hydraulic lines and

the best way to get it out let's get

started and of course we can't really

see the air bubble in the line so here's

a great little display that will help us

understand that so Gary I guess here's

the air bubble what else is going on


Jim basic Ford Ranger system master

cylinder paddle assembly line slave

cylinder and a clutch right now we don't

have the air bubble in this system so

when I push on the clutch pedal the