How to Get Air Out of the Lines for the Hot Water Heater : Water Heaters

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hello everyone I'm Joshua little flighty

contractors and today I'm going to talk

to you about how to get the air out of

your lines for a hot water heater to

start off with when you're filling your

hot water heater after you've installed

it there's this thing right here this is

actually a Popoff when your water gets

too hot it'll start popping it and water

will start coming down your pipes and

into your drain but it also works great

to allow the air to get out of your tank

that way the more water can come in and

actually the only area you'll have to

get out is in the lines above so to

start with you're going to pop this here

and you'll hear it going and that's all

the air coming out of it you want to

make sure that this is shut off when the

water level starts getting up here and