How to Bleed your Hayes Nine Hydraulic Brakes the Quick & Easy Way!

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alright guys so I I have a little

specialized thumb Trumper and it's got

the hayes 9 hydraulic brakes and this

thing was sitting for maybe 2 or 3 years

I haven't hadn't ridden my bike I've

just been busy you know with work

working all day non-stop and work owns

me have my own business but I love this

bike it's a it was an awesome bike my me

stole this I took it out from the from

the storage actually the stone room you

see it's got a lot of dust on there

right I mean it's just been sitting

there spiderwebs

all around so there's no brakes no

hydraulics something kind of great so I

never bled the brakes on this thing so I

had to do a whole bunch of YouTube

watching a bunch of YouTube videos I saw

the one from Hayes themselves I bought a

Hayes kit talking about inverting the