How to Bleed Motorcycle Brakes by J&P Cycles

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it's Patrick JP cycles today we're gonna

talk about bleeding your brakes so why

would you want to bleed your brakes what

are the circumstances that would cause

you to need your bleed your brakes

generally even if you don't make any

changes in your braking system it's a

good idea to stay on top of bleeding

your brakes at least maybe once or twice

a year if you have a spongy feel to your

lever or to your pedal it gets kind of

soft unresponsive that another good

indication that brake bleeding is in

your future if you change brake lines if

you change brake calipers change your

master cylinder all those things are

going to require brake please and if you

just change your brake pads you don't

have to bleed your brakes but if any any

move to the system where you broke a

line and possibly introduced air into