How to Load and Prime a Grease Gun - Part 1

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hey everybody Jay here at lock and Lube

today we're going to show you how to

load a grease gun and then how to bleed

the air out of it to prevent airlocks

and make sure that it keeps working

smoothly for you so right here we've got

a new grease gun

there's no cartridge in it and the first

step is going to be to use your t pole

to get the plunger out now you'll see

that with this locked on type it's

really hard to get that out so first

step is to loosen this up a little bit

now if you have a cartridge in your

grease gun and you're just reloading it

same thing loosen it a few twists and

pull this out clip it off to the side

there and you're good to go you untwist

this barrel is empty you got plenty of

room in there if you had a cartridge in

there grab it by the metal rim and toss