Auto Bleed ABS brakes Like a PRO with this affordable scan tool.

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okay I figured I'd make this video to show that the Autel Maxicheck can

do a obd2 Auto bleed on vehicles with ABS brakes I ran into a situation where

I thought I maybe my ABS module had air trapped in it and everywhere online

everybody said it would take a GM Tech II scanner to do the Auto bleed and

everybody online shows that will bleed taking place but they've all got

either a snap-on or a tech II some high-end expensive scanner to do this

process otherwise you're either kind of out of luck or some people say you can

jack it up and and hit the brakes you know get the wheel spinning then hit the

brakes or some people say you can do a hard stop on snow or or mud or sand or

something and I activate the the ABS module to to move the air out of there

but I ran into a situation with this truck which is a 2006 GMC Sierra half

ton rear drum brake truck where I for some reason I a long story but I was

convinced there was air in the ABS module I could not get the pedal to come

back so I was stuck I didn't want to spend the money to have a dealership you

know do the process for me and I kind of thought those other options by slam on

the brakes or jacking it up and putting the wheels you know getting the wheels

spinning hittin the brakes follow those other options that they might work but

they they kind of seemed hokey to me so I was shopping around shopping around

looking around for you know an alternative and and hardly anybody know

where that I could find did they ever mention that these low-end

consumer grade scanners were capable of doing the auto bleed well one particular