How to Bleed Disc Brakes

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hi I'm Ben today we're going to be

bleeding brakes on this car basically

your brake system is a big hydraulic

piston so you've got fluid that is

actually driven through tubes and drives

a piston that's in this caliper if you

have air in that system the brakes don't


so what were going to do we're going to

use this piece of hardware right here

which is called a bleeder we're going to

open this up my partner in the car is

going to press the brake pedal and what

that's going to do is going to drive

fluid out so we're going to open it and

close it several times and that's going

to be all the air out of the system

we're going to use this handy dandy

thing right here basically a bottle with

a cable and a tube to collect all the

brake fluid you'll notice I've got black