How to vacuum bleed a clutch system the easy way

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up guys back again with another video

guys this time I'm showing you guys had

it back and bleed your cuts my cylinder

I am whatever you're all slaves over and

I what you do guys just hook it justice

ladies hold on right here he just hooked

it on back and pump right on the slaves

on the school right here that's all you

got to do is you can see my hook and I'm

just bleeding it out on slave some

located right there a guy who just quote

make sure you don't drain your reservoir

on your own clutch my silver keep your

eye on that at all turns as you can see

my slaves on those right there where the

line is already hooked to and hence the

container that holds your brake fluid

right here guys

and here's the back component right here

and it's in action and you just gotta

hold the camera here just start pumping