How To Bleed A Ford Ranger Clutch Master Cylinder & Fix a Soft Pedal!

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this is my Ford Ranger after the clutch

reservoir ran out of clutch fluid I

refilled it and tried to bleed the

clutch master and slave cylinders by the

same method that I had used for brakes

which is have somebody pumped the clutch

pedal a few times and then hold it while

at the same time I release the bleeder

screw down at slave cylinder I tried

this for a couple of hours yesterday I

with no positive result I went through

about a pint of brake fluid doing it too

because I completely flush the system as

well but still no no positive result the

clutch just went to the floor without

disengaging with soft with a very soft

pedal feel I did a little bit of

research online and found that some

people have had luck by taking the

master cylinder apart underneath the

pedal and getting the air out of that