How to get bleed air out of a clutch master cylinder

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yo I got another one fun one here

I got a 2008 Mazda 3 manual transmission

5-speed this guy had a slave cylinder

put in it it's um

buried in a good spot that's the slave

cylinder it was leaking so he had it

replaced by somebody and they replaced

it and they couldn't get the clutch to

work right so the guy eventually he

eventually ended up putting a master

cylinder on it which is buried way to

head back behind the firewall it's in a

really bad spot you got to take a clutch

pedal apart and all kinds of stuff I

can't even see it without taking this

battery box out but it's buried under

the dash it's a real pain in the butt to

do so the guy ended up putting a master

cylinder in it because he thought it was

a problem and then that still didn't fix

it so I guess he put a new he put a new