How to bleed brakes with busted bleeder screws - free tips from Meemaw!

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so we'd got a pile of rust here welcome

back it's gonna be a fun one what I'm

gonna do here is I'm gonna put into

practice a free tip Friday that was

graciously given to me by Erica South

Main auto while bleeding breaks when you

got a busted bleeder and so that's what

we're gonna do today take a look here

things in fine fine New England

condition beauteous that's awesome

that's gonna bust this is never gonna be

on a road just as a fYI this is another

yard horse we have a lot of yard horses

around here but there's the bleeder or

what used to be the bleeder I know my

camera isn't very good at close-up

footage here it's a little blurry but

where am I that was a bleeder

so Derek was telling me that is me ma