How to bleed brakes by yourself 2002 Chevy Avalanche

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what's going on you two it broke me a

break line Chevy's known for that but

just want to show y'all that if you're

trying to bleed your brakes get that

right crushing I got nobody to help you

my one-man job

you should bottle some hose make sure

you put on that bleeder crack that bleed

open start up air bubbles coming out the


just kidding almost I've been out here

for about ten minutes but it's getting

up it's clear not getting a clip and

then I get your air compressor on your

life doc dude like I'm up here sighs way

down right now go to about 15 20 orders

I got mine down cuz I just felt the

reservoir get your extra cap put you a

nozzle in there put a screw on the back

of it you're a rubber band some the

holes that