Spongy ABS Brake Fix 88 to 98 Chevrolet Silverado

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all right if you have a Chevy Silverado

and you've got squishy brakes this is

how to fix it now in my case we bled it

around the wheels but we still had

squishiness so this is how to get the

bubbles out of one of these Kelsey Hayes

anti-lock brake modules I'll give you a

good look at it so you can compare it to

the one in your truck I've looked on the

internet and there's some wizards on

there that say if you go on to your

anti-lock brake module peel this little

rubber cap off with the engine not

running and then what you're gonna do is

have somebody step on the brakes and

push the little button in the middle and

fluid will squirt out and then you let

up on it and tell them to take their

foot off the brakes and you have them

push the brakes again release it just

like you're bleeding your wheels but