How To Bleed Saltwater Fish (For Cleaner Fish Fillets)

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hey this is Luke's times with salsa

wrong today we're gonna be talking about

how to bleed a fish this that's too late

for this one you need to do this when

you're right before you you put it on

ice right while it's still alive and the

reason why bleeding fish is important is

it just gets the blood out of the meat

it is the way to make the meat as good

as possible and so I'll show you here on

this on this this dead mackerel but then

we have some other fish that we went out

we had a smorgasbord day today so we

have a bluefish a flounder and a

mangrove snapper and we're going to show

you how to do it on live live specimens

next but first let's go ahead and show

in the mackerel just so we can go slowly

and show the mechanics are so bleeding

fish you just need two things super

simple you need a knife and then you