How to bleed MTB brakes (without a kit)

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all right so I got a little Cohen from

my last video about bleeding swam breaks

and I was doing it wrong which I may

have been so I'm gonna show you another

way I did it to my rear break a year ago

and it's still going good so I'm gonna

do it to my front brake and show you how

to do it you're gonna want to position

the bike in a position where the

calipers are facing down and the great

leader is like this easy access to the

reservoir and see how much

all right fluid is in there and yes

let's real messy don't have a box on

your level the fluid goes down so you

want to make sure it can't go down past

that little silver part there and the

reason why you don't want to go and toss

that little two silver holes is because

if there's no more fluid on top of it

it'll just suck more air into it and