Avid Elixir Disc Brake Bleed Procedure

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welcome to ceramic Nicole communication

today we will be guiding you through the

bleed procedure but avid elixir breaks

let's get started by taking a look at

the materials and tools you will need in

order to complete this service procedure

safety glasses and nitrile gloves an

avid bleed kit and a t10 Torx for

cleanup you'll need water or isopropyl

alcohol and a lint free rag when

bleeding breaks you may notice this

coloration of the old fluid as it exits

the system into the syringe at the lever

if the fluid is severely discolored this

indicates that the fluid is very old

in this case bleeding the system twice

in order to completely remove the old

fluid is recommended before you get

started make sure that the bike is

oriented so that the brake lever is

higher than the brake caliper fill one