Bleeding Air from your Radiator - Climate DC

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Hi my name's Corey with Climate Heating and Cooling. we're here to show you a very common

repair to make on a boiler radiator system which is bleeding the radiators when they

get air trapped in them. You will need a radiator key commonly found in most

hardware stores and some sort of cup, vessel to hold water. On your radiator, there's a valve

at the top and what this valve is designed to do is let water out the

bottom here once we've purged the air from the radiator. All you need to do is

take your radiator key, fit it in the end and open it up - you will hear water

coming out immediately if the radiator is purged of air otherwise you'll hear

air coming out and you wait till the water comes out. *sound of air hissing*

Here we've got some air coming out

and once we get water coming out we know we have purged all the air out of the system.

Radiator Systems... Once we install everything, get everything ready, in theory should always have water fully in every radiator all the way around the whole house.

In reality a little bit of air sneaks in over time,

especially in older houses so you have to go and bleed your radiators every once in a while.

Something that some people find if that particular house has to be done yearly, sometimes

has to be done every other year, occasionally if it starts to happen three,

four, five, times a year, we have a problem with the radiant system

that we do need to look into.

But, if you notice that radiator is not getting warm, first thing to do is go to the

hardware store, pick yourself up a key, it's a couple dollars, go around and bleed your radiators, it's a simple fix. If you get a lot

of air and then water coming out you'll probably find that radiator is nice and toasty