How To Bleed An Oil Boiler

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hi I'm Steven Qian Mullins and director

of solve and today I'm going to explain

it to you how to bleed an oil boiler and

typically you only find out that you're

you've ran out of oil once starred

boiler stops operating and the we read

lake comes on lockout you check your oil

tank you've discovered you've run out of

oil you phone your oil company they very

kindly come out the same day delivery

your oil you come home press the red

button and nothing happens it doesn't

work this would be typical of the boiler

needing blared annoying boy Dunedin bled

and key and this wouldn't be for the

faint-hearted and and you will

definitely need things like these rubber

gloves and make sure you've got plenty

arrives right here because it can be a

messy job if you get it wrong and I

would also advise not to do it and you