How To Bleed A Heated Towel Rail

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hello welcome to this train radiators

video my name is James and today we're

going to have a look at a really really

simple process of how to bleed a

radiator in particular this tower out

here they're usually we blew a radiator

when we've done some work to the system

when we're filling it all back up or you

tighten up a leak or something on the

bottom of the rad valve and you need to

get that all sorted out and refill it up

properly there are other reasons that we

might have the bling error to a radiator

and the main one is that there's not

enough treatment in the heating system

water but we'll cover that in another

one of our videos it's a really simple

procedure but you'll know exactly how to

do it after you watch this video I hope

you enjoy it

so you don't all the work that you