⫷ How to easily Bleed Air Out of Brake Caliper ⫸

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thanks for checking out the Scotties

hobbies today gigi is gonna help me

bleed the brakes on the XB that we're

doing this process will be the same if

not similar to many other brakes so what

you're really doing is just bleeding the

hydraulic system before you get started

make sure you top off for the reservoir

I usually put a little bit lower past

the full line and then I start bleeding

after you're done waiting make sure you

check the res where that is full well I

am gonna have GG help me what she is

gonna do is pump the brakes you're gonna

press on the pedal three times but when

I get in there I'm gonna tell you to go

and what are you gonna do three times

and then

and when the pressure goes down what are

you gonna do yeah so um you're gonna say

one two three I'm holding and then I'm